A good story
is always worth telling.
Mine is a good one.


My name is Alberto Grasso, and Iโ€™m a Visual Storyteller.
I love telling stories and I love their power.

They make us dream, laugh and cry but more than anything else they make us evolve and grow.

My work as a Visual Storyteller is focused on creating value in translating the story and the mission of a brand in images .

I work with Corporate, Food and Sport.

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This is what I do.



History, passion, research, innovation, and people. This is what a Brand is made of. I tell the stories of the minds and the hands that shape these values.

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Food synthesizes heritage, years of traditions,
creativity, and pleasure.
I tell the stories of the people behind this magic.

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Sport is pure adrenaline.
I tell the story of his journey.
Where it comes from until it explodes.

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